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Thursday, June 02, 2005

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Have you been waiting for Star Wreck?

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After 5 years(!) of development, the legacy of Star Wreck 6 is finally coming to a head. No, they have not given up on the project. Something far, far better has happened. According to the front page, Star Wreck 6 will hit DVD distribution on August 20, 2005! So get your twinkler beams ready folks, because we're in for a Star Trek parody of far greater proportions than any Star Trek movie ever released. Move over Kirk, you're in Captain Pirk's seat!

For those of you unfamiliar with Star Wreck, here's a quick history: Back in 1992 a young Finnish boy by the name of Samuli Torssonen decided to do a video of a starship battle. Utilizing a copy of Deluxe Paint for frame by frame animation, he managed to put together a four minute clip of various Star Trek ships doing battle. Just to have fun, he also added a comedic aspect to the film. Boy, if this young fellow had any idea what he was getting into...

The success of the first video spurred young Samuli, and by 1994 he'd managed to pull off a new Star Wreck video. But this time Mr. Torssonen did the ships in 3D, and used cell animations for the characters. The result was one of the funniest Star Trek parodies ever to hit video!

The laughes and running time only increased in Star Wrecks III and IV, jumping all the way to 31 and 47 minutes, respectively. Star Wreck was becoming a feature film, and Samuli only wanted to push it farther. Thus Star Wreck V: Lost Contact made a huge leap and became the first live action Star Wreck episode. Only one problem....

Our heros were trapped in the past....

That was 8 years ago. Plans for a sequel had been immediately put into action, but the project was progressing slowly. The decision was made to make the next episode into a feature film, but the team was unsure if they could pull it off. As a result, Samuli created a secret project known as Star Wreck 4 1/2. This project tested new camera techniques and 3D rendering packages to prove that they could make a professional quality movie. The result was short and not as funny as the previous installments, but was an amazing sight to behold. The quality of the 3D was as good (if not better!) than the quality of The Next Generation TV show! Not to mention the compositing done for the bridge scenes! For the first time, the live action bridge was truely open, and appeared to be much more than just an image pasted behind Captain James B. Pirk.

The triumph of the 4 1/2 project was both a blessing and a curse for the sixth Star Wreck installment. Most of the film that was shot to date was scrapped and reshot. New actors and actresses were brought on board, the music and 3D were redone, and the greatest comedy adventure of all time was on its way to becoming a reality.

So load the light balls, and get ready for an action packed adventure! Coming August 20, 2005 to a DVD player near you is:

Star Wreck 6: In the Pirkinning



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